10th Seminar on Education

Education as a Means of Social Transformation

Centre for Islamic Studies / Mosque of Granada

January 13th & 14th, 2018

Organized by: Al Andalus Foundation for Education

Hosted by: Granada Mosque Foundation


Saturday, 13th
10:00hWelcome by the president of the Al Andalus Foundation for Education, Emir Malik Ruiz.

10:30hConference: “Does Education Influence the Direction of a Society?” by Muhammad Gutiérrez.
11:30hCoffee Break
12:00hConference: “Education between Politics and Knowledge” by Rais Abu Bakr Rieger.
13:28hSalat ad-Dhuhur
19:50hNight of Dhikr with Shaykh Moulay Mortada Elboumashouli

Sunday, 14th
11:00hConference: “The Prophet Muhammad (saws) as Educator” by Shaykh Ahmed Bermejo.
11:50hClosing of 10th Seminar on Education

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