Seminars on Education

Al Andalus Foundation

Giving life to its purpose of promoting educational activities, since 2009 the Al Andalus Foundation for Education has organized each year its Educational Seminars.

These seminars have always taken place in the city of Granada and – in the course of time – they have become one of our Foundation’s key events during the year. They usually take place during period of school holidays, corresponding to the winter holidays, either in December or in January. They are usually attended by participants from different areas of Spain, Europe (England and Germany) and Morocco.

These are meetings in which education is presented as one of the basic pillars of any society. They deal with diverse issues such as: the origin and situation of current educational models, the education of Muslims, the purposes of education, improved teaching models, pedagogical methodologies, reflections about our model of a human being, the characteristics of a good education, the complete formation of the person, the education of the Muslim population in Europe, etc.

This Seminar usually takes place during two or three days in which, in addition to the conferences that make up the formal program of the meeting, natural spaces and moments arise which foster the dialogue and expression of each participant, thus strengthening the links and the relationships between the participants.