The main objective of the Al Andalus Foundation for Education is the establishment of Al Andalus School, the first school in Spain run by Muslims that can meet the educational needs of the population of Granada in particular and Spain and Europe in general. A school that emerges as an alternative to the state’s failed system of education. A school that reflects the light and values ​​that Islam and Muslims can bring to the society in which we live.

Meanwhile, and until this project becomes a reality, the Al Andalus Foundation for Education develops a series of extracurricular activities throughout the year with the same intention and main objectives: the complete formation of the person and an education in values.

These leisure and free time activities are organized and accompanied by adults. Our main extracurricular activities are: excursions to the different natural landscapes of the province of Granada, camping one or more nights in natural surroundings, meetings or get-togethers to carry out some concrete activity in the city of Granada or to celebrate the special days for the Muslims: Eid al Fitr, Eid al Adha, the Day of Ashura and the Day of the Mawlid.