The 2018 Summer Camp for Muslim girls between the ages of 8 and 12 took place from July 23rd to 30th. The camp was held on a farm with spacious green areas and a large swimming pool, where the girls were able to conduct different sports and water games, as well as different workshops.

As for sports activities, different outdoor games were played such as gymkhanas, water aerobics, relay games, volleyball, game nights, as well as interactive group games.

We were able to enjoy a variety of workshops where the girls were able to develop and express their more artistic abilities. They produced their own photo frames, decorated stones with acrylic paint, made marbled paper, which they transformed into a bookmark and, and, like every year, they had a cooking workshop, where the girls, with the help of our cooks, made delicious cookies which their parents could taste on the final day of the Summer Camp.

We also made different outings. First of all, we spent the day at the Los Bermejales reservoir, a very well kept reservoir lake, where we took a boat ride, jumped off the pier and took a nice dip. In another outing we visited Granada’s Science Park, where we observed the different species of animals of the Park’s “Biodome”, in addition to all the interesting rooms that the Park offers, where you may not only observe but also participate in experiments. The last trip took us to the Mosque of Granada, where we enjoyed the beautiful view over to the Alhambra. A person from the Mosque’s team gave us a very interesting class on the ‘ibada (worship) and on the relationship between our Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.s. and his daughter Fatima r.a., in which we could see the great interest shown by each and every one of the girls in the subject. Afterwards we enjoyed a delicious dinner at the Mosque’s Islamic Centre.

During these days, the girls listened every night attentively and with great interest to the stories of the prophets, wanting to know ever more about their lives. We were also fortunate that our joint time coincided with the lunar eclipse of July 27th, which gave us the opportunity to talk about this subject within the framework of Islam, in addition to enjoying this amazing natural phenomenon.

During the entire camp we have tried to develop in the girls both physical and artistic aspects, as well as the essential qualities in our Din, such as courtesy, generosity, good treatment, good will, respect and companionship. Finally, I would like to thank all the people who have made this camp possible once again this year.