Since 2014, the Al Andalus Foundation for Education, in collaboration with The Mosque of Granada, has carried out a program of yearly summer camps for children and youths from 8 to 16 years of age.

These camps, in which the children live together for a week or ten days, are loaded with learning, experiences and feelings so relevant for the boys of these ages. Some of these experiences are being recorded and form part of their lifelong memories.

This age span is a crucial for the formation of the identity and character of a person. The coexistence among equals, the sense of belonging to a group, the group of friends, “the gang”, is something very important for their development and it is precisely what is brought to life and consolidated in these camps.

Sharing spaces and times during these days is being carried out under the same principles and objectives as any activity of our Foundation. It is about transmitting a system of high values, of acting according to the Word of Allah and the example of His Messenger (peace be upon him), of caring for and respecting the other, of acquiring the autonomy and individual responsibility that fosters a collective coexistence in order to adopt an attitude of service towards others.

All this comes naturally and spontaneously while we make cultural visits, while we enjoy the beaches and the water parks of Andalusia, during our hikes in Andalusia’s natural landscapes. Whether we canoe in lakes or whether we enjoy a sports competition or while we are just chatting, waiting for Dinner to be served: learning never stops.

The group of monitors of these camps is made up of young Muslims committed to the education of the youngest. They are passionate about collaborating and contributing everything that each one has in oneself to this project and they are committed to the future of the Muslim community in particular, and to society in general.