Last weekend the 11th Seminar On Education organized by the Al Andalus Foundation for Education took place.

Year after year, in the course of these days, we are addressing current issues related to education that are of general interest.

This Seminar had two main themes around which this event has revolved: The Formation of Identity and Character Education. These two elements are linked to personal development and therefore form part of the educational process.

Both Identity Formation and Character Formation begin to take shape right from the beginning of life. And they are formed according to the relations and vital experiences that a person is having with his environment.

Personal identity has been treated as one of the important aspects that currently concern the European Muslim population and is key to the growth of future generations of young Muslims here.

Personal identity is linked to a sense of belonging to different socio-cultural groups with which we believe to share common characteristics or with which we differ. Given the troubled state of the world and living under the great influence of media and social networks, making the decision of who you are and under what parameters you decide to live, is sometimes difficult to make. That is why we must accompany the youngest in this process.

The formation of character has been approached beginning with the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him): “I was only sent to perfect the noble qualities of character”, which we also use as the motto of the Al Andalus Foundation.

For Muslims, character education is fundamental and is given great importance. In fact, having good character qualities is part of being a Muslim. Being Muslim means striving to have good character and good behaviour. It is something that in today’s society and its educational models is not given the value and importance that it has.

This year’s Seminar on Education has been a knowledge-filled encounter in which Muslims from all walks of life, who have come together aiming to improve themselves and those around them. In it there has been remembrance of Allah and remembrance of our role as representatives of Allah on this earth.